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Small Business

Steger Gowie Small Business Resources

There are many facets to small business; we provide our small business clients with access to a wide range of accounting, tax, bookkeeping, management advisement and financial planning services.

Steger Gowie Small Business Resources  
Our professionals are dedicated to offering our clients the personal and professional assistance they would expect.

We have included links to several useful resources that may help to answer some of your questions.  Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to speak more in-depth about your financial and tax planning needs.

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"When we decided to become an S-Corp and work with Steger Gowie it took our business to a new level. We were so lucky to meet Marissa, our new accountant, and the process has been so smooth from Day1 - not to mention the excellent tax and financial advice we received about record keeping in our business, logging expenses, etc. Marissa helped streamline our record keeping by introducing us to QuickBooks. Preparing our records for tax time each year is now so seamless and straightforward. We truly became better educated on what items we could write off in our business, and our quarterly meetings with Marissa mean that we are always on top of the financial position of our business each quarter throughout the year. Marissa is a fantastic asset to our business and has worked with our financial planner as well to help us determine what is best for both our business and personal finances. You cannot go wrong hiring a reputable accountant that you trust who understands your business and can answer any tax questions for you at anytime. After meeting Marissa, we absolutely increased our tax savings each year by becoming an S-Corp and changing how we run our business. Marissa is very forward thinking and constantly looking for ways to be creative with our business finances. We now run our business like a real business thanks to Steger Gowie and Marissa.."
-Maribeth McConnell